Assisting you and your child to feel rested and refreshed.
Who We Are
Gentle Dreams offers virtual consulting to clients all around the globe.
Who We Are
Tailored sleep plans, advice and suggestions by a Certified Paediatric Sleep Consultant.
Who We Are

Sleep plays such a vital role in our overall well-being. It’s particularly restorative benefits for children and teaching healthy sleep habits is something that I’m passionate to help spread the knowledge about.
Afroza Abdulhusein, Founder

Healthy and restorative sleep is not only important for children to help them meet their development needs, and for their overall health and well-being, but also for everyone in the family’s mental and physical well-being. Together, we can create healthy sleep habits for your child that will benefit the whole family.

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Gentle Dreams is not only passionate about helping families get some well-deserved rest, but also to provide caregivers with guidance, education and tools to help carry them through ever changing sleep patterns and situations. The best part about children is that they are all unique and special in their own ways. They all have different temperaments and personalities and that’s what makes it fun, interesting and rewarding to work with them and their families to help everyone get as much rest as possible.

Gentle Dreams works with caregivers to help support their children based on where they are in their developmental journeys, providing one-on-one support through tailored sleep plans and realistic, manageable goals. We like to outline the approach step by step and keep things as simple as possible based on the child’s needs – that means we involve you in the process. We discuss a variety of different methods with you to help your child learn healthy, safe, independent sleep habits, and collaborate with you on which method would work best for your family to ensure that you are comfortable with the approach.

Happy Child, Happy Parents

What people are saying about Gentle Dreams.

I’m so so happy that I enlisted the help of Gentle Dreams Consulting to guide me through the sleep training process with my little one. I was so confused by all of the conflicting information online about sleep training and really appreciated Afroza’s guidance.

F.A. Happy Mom

Being a first time mom was the most rewarding yet challenging time due to the struggle I had with my little girl’s sleep. Afroza’s sleep plan provided me with the knowledge and tools to teach my baby how to sleep through the night.

A.J. Happy Mom

We appreciated Afroza’s honestly as a mom who had sleep issues similar to what we were facing. It helped to know she had been through it before and had experience with it, and that put us at ease to decide whether to go through with it.

A.M. & P.K. Happy Parents

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