Gentle Dreams was created to help provide caregivers and families guidance, education, and tools to help carry them through their child’s changing sleep patterns and situations.

We work with caregivers to help support their children based on where they are in their developmental journeys, and outlining realistic, manageable goals to help acquire restorative sleep.

Together with you, Gentle Dreams helps to create healthy sleep habits for you and your child that will benefit the whole family.

The Inspiration for Gentle Dreams…

My name is Afroza, and I founded Gentle Dreams because after searching for a very long time, I finally found something that I was truly passionate about. I owe the inspiration of Gentle Dreams to my own two babies.

I was a first time mom to a beautiful, 3 pound preemie baby. Aside from needing extra care during the day, he also needed constant feeding at night. The truest saying I’ve ever heard is that kids grow up way too fast. Before I knew it, my tiny baby boy was 10 months old and developmentally catching up – aside from not sleeping well during the day or at night. Many people would tell me that he would sleep when he wants to, or when he’s ready, or once he’s eating more during the day, or when he gets older, etc, etc, etc. After being completely overwhelmed and confused with the wealth of information available on baby sleep, I found myself reaching out to get some professional help. To all the caregivers reading this… that’s okay! It’s hard enough being a first time parent without having to go through analysis paralysis! It’s okay to reach out to get some help and advice!

I finally had a great sleeper on my hands and he was thriving and developing just as he should. A little less than 2 years later, my baby girl came along. This time a late preemie baby. Because I had learned so much over the last couple years through my own research as well as formal training as a Paediatric Sleep Consultant, I was able to help my baby girl learn to sleep well earlier and manage my two year old toddler and his sleep requirements at the same time.

Through this journey, I learned so much about healthy, restorative sleep habits and how to set babies up for success so they can be better rested, and spend the day focusing on more important things like learning, practicing, and developing their new skills. I am a firm believer that knowledge is power, and with all of this knowledge that I accumulated both formally through the Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting, and informally through my own research, I decided to start Gentle Dreams to provide guidance, education and tools that would help other caregivers navigate their child’s sleep needs. This is extremely important to me, not only because I observed the challenges of sleep deprivation in myself and my family, but because it’s important for me to help families to understand the restorative benefits of sleep, and that getting proper rest is vital to our health and well-being.

Gentle Dreams offers a variety of packages that include tailored sleep plans, consultations, phone and email support. We will always work based on your comfort level.


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5 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Sleep Training mean letting my child cry it out?

Although laying a healthy sleep foundation for your child early on is important to assist them to learn independent sleep, any change at any age can be met with some resistance and every child has a different tolerance for change. Gentle Dreams does not approach teaching healthy sleep habits without supporting your child through the process fully. Depending on your child’s age, temperament, tolerance for change, and several other factors we can discuss together, we can decide based on your comfort level which supportive method will work best for your child. You know your child best and we will collaborate together on an approach that is comfortable for you and your child.

Q: How long does it take for my baby to learn independent sleep?

As long as the child is healthy and not going through any significant developmental milestones or leaps, with consistency, most children have significantly improved sleep in just a few nights. Gentle Dreams has a variety of packages to support you based on your comfort level and support requirements.

Q: How are consultations and communications handled?

For your convenience, security, and safety, Gentle Dreams is fully virtual and can offer consultations via phone, video chat, and e-mail. Irrespective of where you are in the globe, Gentle Dreams can work with your time zone and schedule for initial consultations and follow up support calls and e-mails.

Q: What is the best age to use your services?

Although laying a healthy sleep foundation early is beneficial, Gentle Dreams can assist to develop healthy sleep habits for any age, from newborn to age 5. Book a free consultation to learn more or discuss your child’s sleep requirements.

Q: How do payments work and when can we get started?

For efficiency and security, Gentle Dreams accepts Electronic Money Transfers or cheques. We can get started as soon as you book your free consultation and we provide you with all the information you require!